The numerous advantages of electronic medical records are becoming more evident daily, and with continued advances in software, the web-based QuickMAR eMAR system is almost as user-friendly as an everyday ATM machine. QuickMAR is the most complete eMAR system available, managing the entire medication life-cycle: new order entry by the pharmacy, order, and delivery of medication, updating the MAR with changes, recording medication passes, medication destruction and returns, completing scheduled cycle fills if desired, tracking and inventory management of controlled drugs, and communicating with the pharmacy. QuickMAR University is a tutorial designed to answer questions pertaining to any step of the process and is available as part of the program.

QuickMAR eMAR solutions:

  • Barcoding ensures that the right meds are administered.
  • Charting results, including exceptions, is accomplished and recorded with just a few simple steps.
  • Gaps in charting are prevented.
  • Expect up to a 50% reduction in the time required for med pass
  • Shows the meds due on the current med pass
  • Alarms prevent potential errors
  • Displays resident photos on all resident screens
  • Changes are immediately reflected on the effective date
  • Flags recent changes to a person’s routine for one week
  • Secure login with custom security levels
  • The Medassure feature allows you to continue operating when the internet is down. When the internet is restored, data is automatically re-synced and updated
  • Refills can be requested at the touch of a button
  • Orders are automatically entered into QuickMAR upon processing by pharmacy

Additional information and requests for a demo are available at