Green Tree Pharmacy utilizes Softwriter's Frameworks software, one of the most robust programs available. Frameworks combines years of experience with current technology, resulting in an application that is second to none. It was developed strictly for long-term care, and as such, it is focused on the unique needs of these facilities. We understand the facilities’ needs for complete and accurate medical records, and Frameworks' extensive resident profile management capabilities simplify processing and updating even the most complex cases. Barcoding technology is employed throughout the prescription filling process, ensuring the high level of accuracy your staff and residents expect and deserve. This program can generate essentially any reports you need to help manage your residents’ medications, as long as the data is in the system. We ask nursing and/or administration for input regarding what decision-aiding reports they want and we will tailor them to your specific needs.

Frameworks also ensures resident safety by assisting the pharmacists in screening for drug-drug interactions, allergies or prior adverse reactions, duplicate therapies, and drug/disease contraindications. Its on-line electronic claims adjudication provides timely and accurate billing to multiple payers, minimizing families’ concerns about their medication statements.

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Frameworklink is a module within Frameworks that, as the name implies, answers the need for an efficient communication portal between the facility and the pharmacy software. This web-based application provides the facilities with secure, real-time access to the most up-to-date information possible.

Frameworklink provides the capability to:

  • Send and receive secure, categorized messages to any user, nursing station, or anyone at the facility. Messages are tracked to identify who read the message and when it was read.
  • Transfer, discharge, and re-admit residents with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Receive profile information on residents.
  • Quote prescription prices.
  • Enter requests for new prescriptions, refills, and discontinue medication orders.
  • View the status of orders currently in the pharmacy workflow and view orders previously shipped.
  • Preview billing transactions in the current cycle, or view past invoices.
  • Print MARs, POS forms, Treatment Sheets and more right in the facility.
  • Generate management reports for the facility to use.

Additional information is available on the Framework web site,