The majority of the skilled nursing facilities served by Green Tree Pharmacy have elected to use the standard 30-day punch cards. The Omnicell Accuflex automated packaging system provides a flexible, patient-specific automated packaging solution to accurately and efficiently meet the needs of these facilities. Accuflex combines proven Omnicell technology with Fanuc robotics, resulting in accuracy rates and efficiencies that far surpass manual systems.

Accuflex is leading edge automation that meets the most demanding facilities’ needs. An unlimited number of cassettes are available to ensure that medications are on hand to complete dispensing requirements. The intuitive software directs the system to remove and add medication cassettes as needed. Cassettes are thus exchanged “on the fly” while the machine is running, eliminating system inactivity. This allows the pharmacy to process more prescriptions in a shorter period of time, enhancing our ability to complete orders received late in the day just before our deliveries are scheduled to leave. This is becoming increasingly more important as hospitals are trending towards discharging patients later in the day.

The Accuflex system also ensures consistently sealed cards. Manually sealed cards may not be sealed adequately if the sealer doesn’t operate correctly, resulting in tablets falling out of the cards especially when too many cards are stuffed into medication carts. The Accuflex system uses quality cards with a tenacious adhesive, minimizing the potential for this to happen.

The interface connecting the pharmacy software with the Accuflex machine by Omnicell also enables the system to print labels and applies them to the cards. This automated process ensures exceptionally standardized, orderly, and accurate labeling of the cards.

Additional information on the Omnicell Accuflex system can be found at their website