feedingFrameworklink is a module within Frameworks that, as the name implies, answers the need for an efficient communication portal between the facility and the pharmacy software. This web-based application provides the facilities with secure, real-time access to the most up-to-date information possible.


Frameworklink provides the capability to:

  • Send and receive secure, categorized messages to any user, nursing station, or anyone at the facility. Messages are tracked to identify who read the message and when it was read.
  • Transfer, discharge, and re-admit residents with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Receive profile information on residents.
  • Quote prescription prices.
  • Enter requests for new prescriptions, refills, and discontinue medication orders.
  • View the status of orders currently in the pharmacy workflow and view orders previously shipped.
  • Preview billing transactions in the current cycle, or view past invoices.
  • Print MARs, POS forms, Treatment Sheets and more right in the facility.
  • Generate management reports for the facility to use.

Additional information is available on the Framework web site, www.frameworkltc.com.

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