GTX Machine 3.2

Green Tree Pharmacy feels that assistance with IDPH surveys is another way we can make significant contributions to our facilities. In order to do this, we take all necessary measures to keep current on regulations impacting long-term care. Our senior vice president is active in professional pharmacy associations and regularly attends meetings. He also works closely with these associations to maintain relationships so we can get timely answers to urgent questions as they arise.

We are able to provide detailed in-services to all our facilities to explain IDPH and CMS regulations. We will continue to offer these types of services to keep our facilities abreast of any new changes that impact their operations. Our corporate nurses serve as an additional resource to offer helpful guidance before and during surveys.

Medication Tracking Reports

Many facilities have a significant number of controlled substances on hand. Ensuring that these are appropriately handled is another way Green Tree Pharmacy can assist your staff. We can generate reports tracking controlled drug utilization by many different factors – resident, prescriber, quantity dispensed by time period, facility wing, etc. We will also monitor for significant changes in utilization rates, which may be helpful in detecting diversion.

Involvement & Connections

The senior management personnel in our parent company are active in the Health Care Council of Illinois. These connections, along with our network of almost 100 facilities, often alert us to surveyors’ hot topics so we can be prepared when surveyors visit the facilities.