client-servicesGreen Tree Pharmacy recognizes the significant role that consultant pharmacists can play in optimizing outcomes and reducing overall medication expenditures by influencing prescribing practices. This is most effectively achieved by developing relationships with medical directors, physicians, and facility staff. We have taken several approaches to accomplish the goal of optimal drug therapy for our residents.


Clinical Pharmacology Gold Standard

Green Tree Pharmacy utilizes Clinical Pharmacology Gold Standard, a premier drug information software program as a resource for answering drug information questions from your staff. This program can generate numerous reports that are helpful for nurses and physicians when designing complex drug therapies for residents with multiple co-morbidities. We encourage nursing to call the pharmacy whenever they have medication-related questions. This program can also be made available to your staff and provides a broad range of drug information reports, including drug interactions, adverse reactions, and product comparison reports. It can list drugs by indication, classification, and multiple criteria. It can also be used to identify tablets when there is a question about a particular medication.


Rxpertise Consultant Pharmacist Software

Rxpertise is an acclaimed Medication Regimen Review (MRR) software application for consultant pharmacists specializing in long-term care. RxPertise allows for accurate and efficient MRR management while remaining compliant with State Operations Manual (SOM) requirements. To meet the evolving needs of existing and prospective users, RxPertise continues to provide innovative technological enhancements that maintain RxPertise as the leading MRR software in the industry. Find out more at www.RxPertise.com.


Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIPs)

Our Therapeutic Intervention Programs (TIPs) have been effective in ensuring the use of the most cost-effective therapeutic agents. Several categories of medications have been identified and selected for these programs. Pharmacy informs prescribers that a more cost-effective agent could be used when appropriate. These recommendations are based upon both economic and clinical considerations. Our Preferred Drug List is typically used as a basis for these recommendations.


Medication Therapy Management  Services

With the implementation of Medicare Part D, Medication Therapy Management Services became another benefit offered to our seniors. Green Tree Pharmacy participates in these programs wherever possible. These programs are intended to improve therapeutic outcomes by providing an in-depth focus on the drug therapy of residents taking several medications for multiple co-morbidities.


Disease State Management

We recognize that many of our geriatric residents have multiple medical conditions and require complicated drug therapy, increasing the potential for drug interactions, side effects and polypharmacy. In order to most effectively address the medication needs of these complex cases, we feel it is important to utilize the unique skills of pharmacists with special training in geriatrics. We have developed programs focusing on drug therapy for several common diseases found in long term care including CHF, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, depression, incontinence, polypharmacy, and pain management. Warfarin therapy is sometimes one of the more problematic areas for many facilities. We offer warfarin tracking services to assist in monitoring for correct dosing. Green Tree Pharmacy assists facilities with issues concerning QI topics as listed in the federal Casper Report, such as fall, and psychotropic medication use.


Green Tree Pharmacy has worked with the SIU College of Medicine Department of Endocrinology to develop a diabetes management program that has resulted in a statistically significant decrease in hypoglycemia. This program has also resulted in decreased drug costs, significant reduction or near elimination of the use of sliding scale insulin protocols and a corresponding decrease in the number of finger sticks and improved quality of life for the resident and a reduction in nursing time requirements.


Certified Geriatric Pharmacists

Some of our consultant pharmacists are Certified Geriatric Pharmacists. Information concerning the qualifications and requirements for this distinguished certification is described on the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy: www.ccgp.org


Hospital Readmissions and Psychotropic Drug Use

Our consultant pharmacists are actively addressing drug therapy regimens that impact the most frequent causes of medication-related hospital readmissions. Residents at facilities served by Green Tree Pharmacy have lower-than-average hospital readmission rates. We also closely monitor psychotropic drug use and our facilities have lower-than-average psychotropic drug utilization rates as well.

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