We are extremely proud of the extraordinary experience and training of our billing staff. Since they frequently interact directly with families, we believe our service in this area has a direct impact on our facilities, so we take extra efforts to be sure our service here reflects positively on your facility. We employ state-of-the-art computer processes which make the entire system easy for residents and families to understand.


Green Tree Pharmacy uses eTactics, the premier invoice and statement solution serving assisted living and skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States. Data is exported from our pharmacy billing software and provided to eTactics in a secure customer area allowing them to re-engineer its format to assist with timely and accurate payment. They then automate its delivery using a variety of patient-centric methods. A HIPAA-compliant payment solution is used, which allows Green Tree Pharmacy to process payments and introduce a recurring payment alternative for the clients it serves.

We work with all of the Medicare Part D plans in Illinois. If we are not already participating in a program in which a resident is covered, we enroll upon notification of the need, so there is no interruption in coverage. We often contact insurers to address problems that families have not been able to resolve.

We treat families the way we would like to be treated.

Medicare In-Service Programs

We provide in-service programs to families and facility personnel on Medicare Part D issues. We can help identify the Medicare part D plans that would be best suited for individual resident needs. We are very aware of the need for controlling drug costs, so we offer pre-admission price quotes to aid the facility in cost control measures. We also set a notification price – a point at which we will contact the facility before dispensing the prescription.

In addition, our billing staff has been trained in billing fraud, waste, and abuse, so they are aware of what constitutes appropriate billing practices.