Assisted and Supportive Living

Green Tree Pharmacy offers the flexibility of multi dose or unit dose strip packs for the convenience and needs of both staff and residents in these communities. Of course, punch cards are also available depending on the community’s preference. Green Tree Pharmacy will assist your facility in selecting and implementing an eMAR system that will streamline processes and provide enhanced documentation.  We also have customized forms for your staff to aid with medication administration records and documentation of various other procedures. We feel this is an area where a pharmacy can make a significant contribution to the welfare of the residents. We also provide medication regimen reviews, much like what is done in the skilled nursing facilities. We realize that many of our residents have complex medical conditions and we are keenly interested in ensuring the medications they use are selected based upon effectiveness and minimal potential for side effects. Cost containment is always considered as well, and assistance with insurance programs to achieve optimally cost-effective drug regimens is provided.

Pharmacists from Green Tree are available to provide Family Night presentations on a wide variety of topics, including new drugs, specific disease states, and Medicare coverage issues. We have found these presentations to be a good venue for families to become more involved with the care of their loved ones and to become more connected with the Assisted & Supportive Living community and pharmacy.