100% of respondents to Pharmacy Report Card Survey stated they would recommend Green Tree Pharmacy to another facility.

All of the pharmacy staff are professional and willing to assist at all times.

Staff at Green Tree is always helpful and professional. Will correct any problems that arise promptly.

Friendly, timely, accurate.

Overall the service is good. Problems resolved quickly. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Prompt service given by professional and friendly staff. Open communication with pharmacy staff. Inservice material is excellent and timely. Flexibility, pharmacy is very accommodating.

I would be glad to speak on behalf of Green Tree. I have recommended Green Tree.

Good communication, service, and follow-ups. You have an excellent crew there and our consultant is very good. Please tell all the staff that we appreciate all the help they give us and we are very appreciative of all of them. They are excellent.

The tech who works with our staff deserves a BIG pat on the back. Our floor nurses would be lost without her continuous help and suggestions. Not a day goes by that we haven’t called her for help. She is always able to come up with a solution or direct us towards one! Thank you! Also, our consultant pharmacist is great – never too busy to help – GREAT!


All staff are H2O (Happy to Oblige) with their instructions with our staff, and always get back to us.

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