Neil Heineke, Pharm. D.

Neil Heineke, Pharm. D.

Our Leadership - Assistant Director - Pharmacy Operations

Neil Heineke is the Assistant Director of Pharmacy Operations for Green Tree Pharmacy, making him primarily responsible for the day to day operations of the pharmacy.  Neil’s other responsibilities at the pharmacy include therapeutic interventions, special request medication profile reviews, Medicare Part D medication management, disease management interventions, and providing drug information services. In addition, Neil also serves as a pharmacy consultant for two of the nursing facilities serviced by Green Tree Pharmacy.  Neil earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University and began his employment with Green Tree Pharmacy when he was a pharmacy student in 1996.  Upon graduation in 2002, he worked in retail and was a manager at a retail pharmacy in Normal, Illinois. He has worked for Green Tree Pharmacy as a pharmacist since 2005  Neil is a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

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