The Green Tree Pharmacy staff, our most important asset, consists of over 80 individuals. We currently have 35 technicians, 25 couriers, five billing specialists, six staff pharmacists, eight consultant pharmacists, two administrative assistants, two assistant directors for operations, a pharmacy controller, an assistant director for clinical services, and a senior vice president of pharmacy.

We can provide expert consultants in dietary and nursing services. We have a Vice President of Dietary Services, a Vice President of Nursing and six Nursing Field Supervisors, all excellent resources when situations requiring input from other disciplines need to be addressed. Additionally, we have a Corporate Medical Director who is also a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and is active in the American Medical Directors Association. He provides input as needed in the development of disease state management programs, and regularly participates in our consultant pharmacist meetings. His background and guidance on regulatory issues is greatly appreciated.

Green Tree Pharmacy places a high level of importance on training and education. We encourage our techs to prepare for and become certified through the certified pharmacy technician program. All of our data entry techs have become certified or are currently preparing for the exam. We have an internal training program to assist them in attaining that credential. They are well-qualified to communicate effectively with the facility nursing staff.