Happy to Oblige

Green Tree Pharmacy has made a significant commitment to client satisfaction. We are participating in a corporate customer service initiative called H to O (Happy to Oblige). This involves training upon hiring and annual reviews. We also use a software program called Relias for annual training on corporate compliance and HIPAA for all our staff.

A Pharmacy Report Card is used to assess our strengths and identify areas where we may be able to improve our service. We use customer service scenarios from Disney and the Marriott hotel chain as training tools for our staff. We believe you will notice our customer service orientation quickly when speaking with anyone on our staff.

At Green Tree Pharmacy, we value our employees and the exceptional service they provide to our customers. Once a quarter, we recognize and honor employees who have gone above and beyond helping others! Please check back next quarter to view the results.


Employee Spotlight Headshot

Cinda is a certified pharmacy technician that joined our team in April of 2013. After being here just a few short months, she was certified on the MTS OnDemand AccuFlex System. She has also operated the TCGrx packaging machine. Cinda works efficiently and has an eye for detail. Her vast knowledge of the pharmacy technician operations and her dedication earned Cinda with the “Happy to Oblige” award for the first quarter in 2019. She is appreciated by all of us at Green Tree Pharmacy.