The Green Tree Pharmacy staff, our most important asset, consists of more than 100 individuals. We currently have 39 technicians, 28 couriers, five billing specialists, eight staff pharmacists, 10 consultant pharmacists, two administrative assistants, one housekeeper, two assistant directors for operations,a pharmacy controller, a sales manager, an assistant director for clinical services, and a senior vice president of pharmacy.


At the corporate level, we have a Vice President of Dietary Services, a Vice President of Nursing and five Nursing Field Supervisors, all excellent resources when situations requiring input from other disciplines need to be addressed. staff-25Additionally, we have a Corporate Medical Director who is also a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and is active in in the American Medical Directors Association. He provides input as needed in the development of disease state management programs, and participates regularly in our consultant pharmacist meetings.

Green Tree Pharmacy places a high level of importance on training and education. While not previously required, we have strongly encouraged our techs to prepare for and become certified through the certified pharmacy technician program. Almost all of our data entry techs have become certified or are currently preparing for the exam. We have an internal training program to assist them in attaining that credential. They are well-qualified to communicate effectively with the facility nursing staff.

Butler University College of Pharmacy Clinical Professor Affiliation

Samuel Gurevitz, PharmD, CGP, has joined Green Tree Pharmacy in an advisory capacity to assist in the development, implementation, and on-going monitoring of clinical programs including therapeutic interventions and disease state management programs. Dr. Gurevitz obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue in 1999, and became board certified in geriatric pharmacy in 2005. He has also completed numerous professional certification programs and traineeships held by such organizations as the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation, the Center for Pharmaceutical Education and Research, and the National Institute for Pharmacist Care Outcomes.

Dr. Gurevitz is currently employed at Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as an Assistant Professor in the Physician Assistant Program. He is also on the faculty for the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Clinical Update for the Geriatric Pharmacist; Cardiology Section which is part of the continuing education program for pharmacists renewing their board certification in geriatric pharmacy.

We anticipate significant enhancements to Green Tree Pharmacy with Dr. Gurevitz contributing to our clinical programs. His extensive clinical background, education, and experience enable him to provide an exceptional level of expertise. He is a welcome addition to Green Tree Pharmacy.

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